Gruppenfoto mit elf Kandidaten für das 71. StuPa im C.A.R.L.

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We are a left wing, progressive, political university group („Hochschulgruppe“), and we’re actively working to improve the lives of students at RWTH University. In the past months we raised a couple of important issues, such as student living space and BAföG improvements (BAföG = German Federal Training Assistance Act ), in the Student Parliament of RWTH University. We drafted a couple of bills to the parliament regarding these topics, which also found a wide majority. Additionally, our group has shaped the work of many of the different smaller committees, such as the social committee and the mobility committee, with our concrete ideas. As head of the department for social affairs Celine has spend a big part of the last year on improving the consulting service of the AStA and helping students with financial problems.
We want to continue improving our university and the life of it’s students.

This is why we need your vote!

Please vote for us in the Student Parliament election, which is held from the 19th to the 23th of June this year!

Our stance on most topics can be found below, but also (in German) on our Instagram Page.

For a social university

First the pandemic and now inflation facilitated by the energy price crisis have created new hurdles around studying for all of us and worsened existing struggles. We are already working in the AStA to help with the crisis that many find themselves in. Nevertheless, we need a BAföG reform and a collective agreement for student employees.

Our demands:

  • BAföG reform and the TV-Stud
  • Expansion and safeguarding of AStA’s social support services
  • better psychological counseling


A place for yourself near the university where you can live, learn and really feel home at. The already strained housing situation only worsened due to inflation. To combat these problems, we are campaigning at municipal and state level.

Our demands:

  • More and cheaper housing, financed by the state and not by students
  • Right of first refusal for student flats
  • Continuation of the student emergency housing program


The goal of an academic education cannot be to become the perfect employee. Good teaching must offer an interdisciplinary education with cross disciplinary and ethical modules.

Our demands:

  • Study without constraints: end limited exam attempts, compulsory attendance and standard study time
  • Adequate equipment: more teaching staff and more modern rooms
  • Critical teaching: historical, ethical and social science modules for all degree programs


An anti-fascist RWTH means becoming aware of one’s own past and responsibility. Racism, Sexism, and misanthropy often remain tolerated and unchallenged. Not with us!

Our demands:

  • Consistent handling of racist and discriminatory statements
  • Comprehensive reappraisal of our past
  • More civic Education


The RWTH must live up to its responsibility and raise awareness for a sustainable future. However, the everyday cannot be overlooked. For us, this means more renewable energies and more attractive meat free options in the canteens.

Our demands:

  • Photovoltaic systems on the roofs of RWTH Buildings
  • Reliable vegetarian and especially vegan options in the canteens
  • Sustainability awareness in research and teaching at the RWTH


The quality of life of many students suffers from the unreliability of public transport and the lack of cycling infrastructure on and around campus. The 49€ ticket is a good idea, but still too expensive for many and it threatens the solidarity financed model.

Our demands:

  • A punctual and barrier-free public transport system
  • The introduction of a 29€-Soldiarticket in case the semester ticket is abolished.
  • A bicycle-friendly city and university